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Its Official, Just bought my first Corvette!!


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed
After looking at a very nice '93 friday I made what I think was a fairly low offer. It is a gorgeous car in excellent shape, but I made a low offer thinking I would look a little more for a '95 or '96 model year. However, they made a counter offer - I stuck to my original offer, and they finally excepted. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow night. Thanks for all the information everyone posted in response to my question about '93 through '96 differences. Your responses kind of got me on the track of a newer car, but I think I made a reall good buy. The car has a hare under 55.000 miles is all stock, and is a six speed. Fawless Black exterior, tan leather interior with a little wear on the drivers bolster. It has a lot of options including the bose CD/cassett, dual power seats, selective ride, keyless entry and some other goodies. I'm giving $14,000 for it.

Although its a little late now, Any thoughts ????

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center misterKTM!

Congratulations! :upthumbs

Hope you find your time here well spent. ;)
Rob, sounds like a good deal man :)
My Dad owns a '93 black on black and loves it:D Congrats!!

CONGRATULATIONS ! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your black beauty. Black is gorgeous!! Have fun, Rob! :)


Congratulations!! Sounds like it was a good deal. Post a couple pictures when you get a chance.
Congrats, Rob. Good luck with it! My co-worker Silver-eagle has a 93 ruby and he loves it.


Sweet car and great color. Enjoy the ride and SAVE THE WAVE:w

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