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JackStands on a C4


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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
I'm wondering if you can do damage to the lower control arms by using jackstands there to support the car. I would think not, since the weight of the car is on there anyway but just wondering. I recently replaced rotors,hats and pads and had the car supported with jackstands underneath the forward strut of the A Arm. Now it seems when my steering wheel is straight both front wheels point slightly outward. I thought at first that the rotors where not on completly or straight, but after removng the wheel they look fine, both calipers are bolted together tightly with no visible space between them. I measured the exposed wheel studs and they all measure out the same so I know the rotor is on straight, any suggestions
You may not want to hear this, but I believe the A frames are aluminum and are not meant to be used as a jacking point. The Chilton's manual I have strongly recommends staying away from them as they are easy to bend using jack stands. I hope you have not ruined them.....
Not to mention that can also damage the front spring...
I checked with some other mechanics who work on vettes and we all agree that using the A-frames as jacking points would not damage them as they are strengthened aluminum which most of the weight rides on. There are no springs up front on a 93, except mine which have coil overs. what's weird is both front tires are angled out to the side as if the rotors are not on straight, but I've checked them and they are. if the A-Arms were damaged because of the jacking I would think the wheels would turn in not out. I've checked them out and there seems to be no damage not even any marks from the jackstands. Nothing seems loose or out of place. I'm bringing it in for and alignment check tomorrow and have them check the rotors, maybe there is something I missed putting them on:confused
supernatural400 said:
I'm bringing it in for and alignment check tomorrow and have them check the rotors, maybe there is something I missed putting them on:confused

That's the best bet Ron, and the safest. :upthumbs

_ken :w
How does it drive? If you messed anything up I'm sure it would show up in the way it drives. I used the same points for my front jack stands. It was up for about a month. I recently drove to Key West and back with no negative indications.I'm going to get a four wheel alignment soon, but only because I'm lowering the car and going to more agressive specs. I usually drive the front wheels up on a 2X4 and use a floor jack on the frame under the front of the engine and then put the stands under the control arms. There are indentations in the casting that make a good spot to put the top pf the stands.
The safest place to use as a support for jack stands would be directly under the ball joint.

I doubt you did any damage anyway. Looking at the wheels the way you are and seeing them turned out is just an illusion. If they were really bent out like you are stating, you would be able to see a significant bend in your control arm.

I'm now getting a pronounced vibration around 50+ MPH that I never got before.
I put the stands on the frame of the car, just behind the wheels.
Well brought it to the shop this morning and the tech there also said that you can't do damage by jacing on the A-arms. In fact he told me he has to do that sometimes to preload the suspension. After he drove the car he also said there is a definate wander to the right and a toe out slightly of both wheels. He also said the rotors look fine and that if they were not on correctly you would notice a wobble in the front end. He drove the car and said the brakes were nice and tight with no wobble. so it goes in the shop tomorrow for a front end alignment...glad that's all it is..Now hopefully Callaway does not have special alignment specs and use regular vette specs, but I'll call them today just to verify

Here are what I made up for my high lifting as tryingg to get that beer belly under the car is somtimes hard. I use the yellow blocks for placing under the jack and the orange for under stands.
Stand places under frame fwd and under arm aft.
I'm not trying to start anything here but I'm curious about what is wrong with the jackstand locations specified by Chevrolet?

It just seems like a hell of a risk to take for no apparent reason. I'd like to know that reason. :D


Two days later and I hear crickets. Sheesh

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