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John Lingenfelter UPDATES

There have been no releases, as of last week, since the December 20 release. We have a thread (somewhere here) dedicated to any new releases if anybody hears of anything.

_ken :w
Still no updates on his condition since December. Hod Rod Magazine has a back page photo this month, of John with a Shark and a Nova (both drag racers) from 1976. Their comments about John's condition did little to show any improvement for him; it seems he is still semi-comatose. :(


I have just returned from the ZR1 Gathering @ Bowling Green, KY. While I was there on Thursday night Graham Behan was there. We were all gathered around bench racing and basically shooting the bull (I mainly just listened and learned). I was over near Graham when someone asked him how John's condition was. He said that John has been moved to a facility close to home and many friends and family visit often. Graham said that John cannot speak or move but he can follow people with his eyes and blink. A small improvement but something none the less. Let's hope and pray he continues to improve.

I thought some of you guys would be interested to know.

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