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Just got 77 Coupe, newbie questions! help!



Greetings all,

I just bought my first vette after 20 years of wanting one. A 1977 Corvette Tan Coupe. In the last 15 years it has had $10,000 worth of work, including a engine rebuild (with some HP hop up from VetteFever done) Hooker headers, new dual exhaust, new rear end, tons of stuff. The paint is in average condition (lots of nicks and stuff) but no damage to the body, and the frame and underbody is in great condition, no rust. I paid $6,500 (from his $7,200 asking.)

The reason I was able to talk him down are twofold:

1) There is a brake problem (I hear this is typical.) The brake trouble light is on. I thought maybe it needed fluids but the MC was full (the MC is also fairly new). The brakes work, you need to push them near to the floor to work. I realize these are not power brakes so they are a little different than I'm used to. The calipers have been replaced, but the rear 10 years ago and the front 2 years ago.

I live in the Chicago area and was told to take it to a Mr VetteWrench, a guy who is supposed to be great - but cannot contact him. I'm ready to take it to the local Midas, I know nobody else to take it to. The guy at Midas claims he has been working on vettes for 15 years.

What do you all think? Does anyone know of another good vette guy in the Chicago/Northwest Sububurban area?

2) There is a very small transmission fluid leak.

Other than that I am very happy, the car seems to run good, but probably needs a tune up. But it rumbles sweetly and the new dual exhaust sounds awesome!

Couple other newbie questions:

- Any good way to get a look at my RPO codes?

- Have any of you installed that "hotfoot" thing that blocks the heat from your feet - does it work?

- Is there a good web site out there for parts and such. I want to put a radio in it, there is supposedly a place to get a replacement cover to cut into instead of damaging the original.

Any other info would be great!


Tom, Congratulations on your new baby. All the problems you have mentioned are very comman with the sharks. The brakes will most likley need to be bled, and after setting that long will also need to be replaced in short time. The worse thing you can do to brake calipers is, let them set. My personal advice, as far as Midas is, "I don't care how long he says he has been working on Corvettes, take it to a Corvette shop, they work on them every day, not just one every now and then". As far as the "Hot foot" thing, when you find somthing that works, let me know. Usually, when you get enough stuff to insulate the heat, the carpet stands up as high as the shag carpet from the 60's. As far as web site for parts............well......try clicking on the signature below, I understand that the guy who owns the place is a very nice, and most knowlegable guy:) .............Good luck with your ride............Steve
Welcome to CAC!

Does anyone know of another good vette guy in the Chicago/Northwest Sububurban area?

Yes! Corvette Repair & Restoration in Lake Zurich on Rand Road, has been working on my 'Vette since before she was mine. In the 4 years I've been going to them, I've been happy with their work & they're nice folks. If you call Doug at 438-3600, tell him Barb Golden sent you his way.

Again, welcome & have fun with your new toy!!
Barb :w

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I did not want to take it to a regular shop. I called him, seems like a nice guy and I'm having it towed over there right now. (Flatbed I should say).

I very much appreciate it and thanks for the welcome!

You're very welcome...

and I'll probably get to see your baby tomorrow, because mine is going in for a little TLC before our trip to Bloomington!

Hope you get her back soon!
Barb :w
Please feel free to take a good look at it and tell me what you think! Its a Corvette Tan 77 coupe with brown pinstriping.

Thanks again for the info. Have fun at BG :)

Congratulations on your purchase! Welcome to CACC, be sure and explore the site.:) There is a lot of information here, and a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people too. On Sundays there are usually a lot of people in the Solid Axle Lounge around 8 or 9 in the evening. Stop on by and pull up a chair and have a :drink .:W:
Again you may luck out, buy a winning lottery ticket, or get a mechanic that knows vettes but I had a horrible experience recently attempting to get a 4 wheel alignment done.
Be afraid be very afraid.
Didn't do Midas!

Thanks Redmist, I did not take it to Midas, thanks to Barb's recommendation I took it to a good local corvette guy.

I was very afraid!


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