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Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, so I guess I'll jump in with both feet. First of all, I love this site, and definitely need some technical advice:
1. My 98 C5 computer refuses to reset the "Oil Life %" counter to 100%, now it hassles me everytime I turn the car on. Is this a trip to the dealer?
2. Those blasted headlight blanking plates, the plastic discs that are supposed to stay in the inner side of the headlight housing? I lost one, the dealer's "replacement' lasted about 30 seconds. Any one know where to get one that will stay put?

Sorry to come crashing in w/ Q's, Thanks in Advance.
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Davey!

This is embarrassing, but I thought we had that info somewhere here in our community. It seems though, I can't find it. :eek:

I got this for ya from the C5 site: How to Change Oil in Your C5. See, we're not afraid to share here at the Corvette Action Center COMMUNITY. :upthumbs

[size=-2]I DID skip the search results I got that would have steered you to the "other place".)[/size] ;)

Someone else will be along to answer your headlght question.

Good luck, and once again, Welcome!
re: Oil

Thanks for the post and the welcome.
The oil change itself is not the problem, the computer doesn't let me reset it after the oil change, and harangues me with, "CHANGE OIL NOW", which is obnoxious and incorrect. Not sure what gives, but . . .
I take it you saw the procedure at the bottom of the C5 site and followed those steps after you changed your oil, and now your computer refuses to re-set the "Change Oil" warning? If so, then I'm sorry, I can't help ya. I'm sure there's a C5er among us that will be able to help though. ;)


Your headlamp plugs and bezels will be replaced under warranty by your dealer. The new plugs are of twist in type, rather than snap in. They work fine.

You tried this already, correct?

1. Turn the ignition on, but make sure the engine is off.
2. Press the "Trip" button on the DIC so that it displays
"OIL LIFE" percentage.
3. Press and hold the "Reset" button for two seconds.
"OIL LIFE REMAIN 100%" should appear on the display.


1. Turn ignition to on, do not start engine.
2. Clear any DIC messages.
3. Depress and releaser throttle pedal rapidly 3 times
(within a second or so).
4. Oil Life will be 99%.



I am unworthy! The throttle pedal reset did the trick. Thanks so very much. Wish I could return the favor.

Tried the Dealer "turn-in" plugs, maybe they weren't the right ones. I'll try a different dealer unless someone out there has a part# handy.

Thanks again to all.

Cool, as for your adjustment plugs, bezels around the headlamps must be replaced as well. The new ones accept the twist-in plugs, the original ones do not.

I read the procedure to change the oil on your C5 and it is quite some chore!

Anyone have a site to change the oil on a C4?
Hi Davey...and welcome to the forum. :) Glad you got your oil life counter problem solved so quickly. The members here are very helpful. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your C5.

Thanks alot for the compliment, Keith...I really appreciate it. :)
Hope you find your sweet ride soon. :)


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