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Knock Sensor location



I had previously posted a message concerning the "Service Engine Soon" light and got some great advice. Anyway one of the items was to clean the connector contacts. In order to do that I need to know where it is located. I have looked in my auto manual and it is not described where it is located. Can someone direct me to its location. Thanks for all of your help. :eek:
knock sensor

If you have the Haynes manual, section 6-11 the middle picture shows the knock sensor( picture 7.8). If not it is the single wire switch directly in front of the starter.:upthumbs

I just got done today diagnosing slight detonation in the 85. There is a simple procedure for determining what the problem is. In my case it was the ESC module. It really scares you when the Chevy dealer doesn't know what the h$#@ a ESC module is.:mad Actually started questioning why I need one:r :r In any case if you'd like the diagnostic shoot me an e-mail. In may not be the sensor.
I just got done replacing the knock sensor on my 86 (originally, it wasn't even connected :eek). As Hoosier says, it's just in front of the starter. However, if you plan on working in that area, I seriously suggest using a lift - with ramps, you have about zero clearance and no line-of-sight, and with jackstands you're not doing much better unless they're at their highest setting. Also, as it's practically on top of the right-side exhaust, make sure the car's cool before working on it.

The sensor has a round lip on the outside and the wire fastens to this with a couple of fingers. If you've got the original connector, chances are you'll break it while taking it off - being so close to the exhaust, the plastic gets real brittle. It was pointed out to me that the connector is the same for pretty much any GM engine from 84-91 so it's easy to get at a junkyard.

Finally, if you want to remove the sensor, drain the cooling system first!


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