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Aug 10, 2006
Wyoming, Ontario Canada
1974 blazing copper coupe
Where on the engine block will I find the code to determine whether my engine is the original L48 or has it been changed to an L82. I purchased this car in July, and am considering performance upgrades (Cam,intake manifold, Holley carb) My friend, a good mechanic, advised me that if it is the original L48 engine in 74 coupe I was really not going to get much bang for my buck. So I need to determine two things. Is it the original engine? If it is is it worth monkeying with or would I be further ahead with a crate engine? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
What part of Ontario is Wyoming in?

To see if your engine is the original or not, look for a 'pad' on the engine block. It will be directly in front and below the right hand cylinder head. The smog pump might be in the way, but it's there.

There will be two sets of letters/numbers. Post what you will find and someone will decode for you.

BTW, a Holley carb will not be an upgrade, they don't make more power than the stock Qjet.
Wyoming is just east of Sarnia... and I find my Qjet easier to tune than any Holley I've even had.


ps: Welcome to the CAC, farmer! Make sure to start a thread on the New Member Introduction forum and it's great to have another Canadian on board!!
Thanks guys...unfortunately I am off to a wedding so will not be able to find #s on block...had a quick look but may require more time to find than I have till monday... may be able to look tomorrow after church. Is this pad on the front of the block or the side?
The vin and block stamping numbers is on the block pad in the front on the passenger side where the block and cylinder head meet.
Fifth character of the VIN will tell you which engine she left St. Louis with: J for the L-48, T for the optional L-82, and Z for a big block car. If the engine is original, the consecutive unit number of your VIN will be stamped on the engine pad, along with the engine stamp.

I believe that means built June 17 in Flint. CLA is 195 hp auto trans, so yes, its an L48


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