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Larger crank pulley for power steering pump?


Apr 28, 2014
Gilroy, CA
1974 Stingray
Just a little background. My 74 originally had power steering but there was no pump when I bought the car. I was lucky enough to find a never installed Rack Attack rack and pinion conversion on Craigslist. Installation of that has gone well so far but now installing a power steering pump where there was none. Seems like all the aftermarket GM pump pulleys are designed for the longer style water pumps so I need a 3 groove crank pulley to make it work. As luck would have it I had saved a set of pulleys (for some reason) from a 69 Nova that I had about 10 years ago and “BINGO” 3 groove crank pulley. The only thing I’m concerned about is that the groove that lines up with my power steering pump is 7.5 inch diameter as opposedto the 6.5 inch diameter originally on my Vette. I know this will make the pump spin faster. I don’t think pressure would be an issue due to pressure relief valve in the pump. So just wondering if the higher RPM may be an issue in the long run? Thanks for any insight... Kurt :)
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Never mind. Found a pulley with the correct diameter at the local pick'n pull. Gotta love the interchangeability of a Chevy small block :thumb

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