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Late model Tran Am wheels on C3??


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Jan 26, 2001
Asheville, NC
1973 converted to 1980 custom convertible
Found a wheel/tire shop that is selling used late model T/A wheels that were traded in for aftermarket wheels. Selling set of 4 for $200.00. They are the 5 spoke style painted silver but not exactly the same as the Carmaro SS. I would have them powder coated black to match the black rocker panels and vert top. Does anyone know if these will fit (back spacing, clearing caliper etc...)? I am assuming that I would at least need spacers.


I think that since they have the wheels off the best thing to do is a trial fit in their shop. Just tell them you are interested if they fit.


Some of the T/A wheels are marked for the front and rear, they are marked on the in side of the wheel. i had a set on a 1965 GTO and they fit every good ,cleared the fender wells just like factory wheels. the rear rims set out more than the front ones they might clear the rear trailing arms,$2000 is a lot for the wheels, thats what they go for ,i paid $600 for mine in 1990/with the good year tires:Roll Your car is kind of wild but i like it:cool EYESOFTEX
If you do get the wheels let me know how they fit , I'm in the market for new wheels too, well not brand new but different.

The shop is out of town, so I can't perform a trial fit.


Yea, my car is a little wild, but thats how I like it. Thanks for the info regarding the front versus rear sizing. That just may make the difference. I need to find out the backspacing on the front and rear to see if one or the other will even fit. I'll call the shop and see if they can tell me.

Silver 80,

I was originally thinking of AR Torque Thrust 2s, but now everyone is using them. I like to be a little different. If this works for $200.00 plus the cost to powdercoating, I will be very happy. I'll let you know.


I am going to make a wild guess and assume they will not fit on direct. The newer model cars have more of a positive offset than what the Corvette needs. You may easily be able to do it though with spacers from Vette Brakes.

I agree with the other post that $2K is steep for stockers.

Go to Tire rack and other experts and see what kind of research you can do to find the appropriate C3 and F body back spacing stats before you drop any jack on this project. Let us know what you find as well.
Thanks for the info. No way would I pay $2,000 for stockers, its $200.00 for the set.


read better

Yes, i need to read more closer too, $200 is a very good price:D EYESOFTEX Now if i could just find my glasses:r
They will fit the new wheels are 120.65mm which ='s 4.75 inches. You will need the spacers since B.S. is around 6-7 inches.

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