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leaking Injectors



I suspect I have leaking Injectors. I have done both pressure test to narrow it down and it points to leaking injectors. Does anyone have a good way of isolating which injectors are actually leaking. There is a TSB on the problem and it says to loosen the fuel rail bolts, pull injectors out of their bore and place a napkin under each injector. Then pressurize the system to figure which injectors are causing the problem There is no way of doing this without removing the upper plenum. Does anyone have a better idea. Im not in the mood to blow $300 on all new injectors.:(
I really can't help you on the diagnosis or isolating the problem, but you'll probably need to take them to a shop that has a fuel injector flow bench. The quality flow benches have a glass front, so the spray pattern can be verified also. I know that removing the injectors can be a real pain, so good luck. Don't forget you'll need a Torx bit to remove some of the intake runner-to-lower-maniflod bolts. Make sure the tool is square or you'll end up rounding them off. I wish I could be more of a helping hand, but hopefully someone will come along with more insight. --Bullitt

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