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leaking rear end


john davis

I noticed rear gear fluid on the drive way the other day and got up under the car and looked it appears to be leaking where the transmission drive shaft goes into the differential does any body know what is going on there is it some kind of a seal is it hard to fix also how much oil can it lose before it tears up the rear gears
John, It is not that hard of a job to replace the front seal. However, it can be a PIA to get the pinion nut off and back on properly. The important thing when reinstalling is not to over tighten and therefore over crushing the "crush" sleeve. There are specs on this but I don't have them in front of me at this time. This will be a lot easier on a rack, but can be done on jack stands. Also, it does not take a lot of fluid to make a puddle. I would have the rear diff checked and filled until I could get the seal replaced............Steve

Yes there is a seal on the pinion yoke. You need to remove the drive shaft, pinion nut and pull the yoke out. Then you can remove the old seal. Be carefull not to damage the new seal and get it in straight. Put a little gear oil or grease on the seal before inserting the yoke back in so it won't scuff and ruin your work. The nut has to be torqued but I'm nut sure of the specs. Set your park brake so things won't turn. Now is a good time to take a close look at the driveshaft u-joints also.

I haven't done one of these in a while so if I have left something out will someone speak up. Thanks. if you can't get to the repair right away, by all means, keep a close eye on the diff oil level. You can judge how often to check it by how much oil is on your driveway and under your car in the seal area. Don't take a chance that there is enough to get by. Have you priced ring and pinions lately.

Hope this helps.

Torque Specs

The Pinion Nut should be Torqued to 100 ft. lbs. Plus maybe a little more to get the cotter key lined up. Also the correct fluid is GM 1052272 and the posi additive GM 1052358
If you need a break down picture let me know and I can scan one and send it to you from my '81 Shop manual.

Check the yoke

Just adding my two cents in.Once you have everything disassmbled check the yoke where the seal rides on.You will usually see a groove where the seal was riding.Take some emory clothe and try to polish it out.If after reinstalling it still leaks you will have to install a new yoke.But that is only a worse case senario.Just some words for thought.Good luck

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