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Leaking top


Craig Red 65

Just got my 65 a few months ago.

Any ideas on how to stop a leaky convertible top. Get the water torture treatment everytime it rains. Leaks through the front between top and window. Got a book on fixing water leaks but didn't really get into best ways to adjust the top. Help would be greatly appreciated.
I have exactly the same problem with my 65 convert. I had not posted it yet because I have bigger problems to solve first, but I am also interested in the solution.


I sold my '65 convert in '73 and I don't remember the latch set up. On my '59 there is a serated plate that allows the header latches to be adjusted up or down to make the header compress the weather seal tighter. I would also inspect the seals for cracks, chunks missing, shrinkage, ect. If they are old get a complete convertible top seal kit from Steve at SS Auto Sport, one of our community venders.

You should also be able to find complete step by step top adjusting directions in the GM shop manuals. You will need a '63 Shop Manual and a '65 Supplement also available from Steve. I'm sure he can shed some light on the adjusting process too.


Got the latches figured out. Going to break down and buy the new seals over Christmas and spend a couple of days replacing seals and adjusting doors. Thanks for help.

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