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leaks to front floorboards



have single owner 1966 coupe. when it rains and i'm out rain pours into both the driver and passenger floorboards from behind the dash. Sometimes it shorts out the main electrical connector on the engine firewall. It was suggested that i block off the air vents with a plastic sheet under the windshield wipers. Any other advice out there?
Welcome greatbear,
My '65 convert did the same thing. It was coming in around the wiper trasnmission to cowl seal. Come to think if it the '81 had the same problem at the same place. Take them loose and clean off the old sealer. Some strip calk around the flange should do the trick.

I had the same problem with my 65 roadster many years ago,
no matter what I did it still leaked in. I had to replace my windshield and when I removed the windshield I saw my problem.
There is a tray that the bottom windshield weatherstrip sits in,
it was rusted all the was through, I could actually see into the under dash area from the outside. I fabricated a piece of sheet metal that formed in to cover the entire tray area. I placed the sheet metal on top of the rusted out tray pop rivited it in place then fiberglassed over the top of the sheet metal, that sealed the whole tray area, then installed the new windshield weather strip and windshield. Problem solved, I have never had any more leaks under the dash.
Hope this helps :D

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