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Lightweight flywheel in a B2k??



Just thinking about this as I surf around....would it be a good idea? Or would it make the motor rev up too fast to build good boost? I could see it being an advantage in 3rd gear and up, but 1st and 2nd it might not be a good thing?? thoughts?


Thoughts but I'm no expert

I don't see why it wouldn't work well in a TT application. These are basically low revving beasts with low off boost power and it takes power to get that heavy flywheel moving. (Once, moving it's going to keep moving though.) So, I'm thinking faster spool time with the lighter flywheel. This ought to help with both standing start and from a roll acceleration.

You should ask Matt (UltraSlow) I believe he installed a Fidanza aluminum flywheel and Spec 4 clutch in his car. I don't recall him ever saying whether he liked it. I know he had some install problems with adjustment. Also, I think it initially slipped. He did do his 197mph GPS run with it though. I'd be curious if he likes it now that he's had it a while.

Go to the flywheels page and it tells you a lot about why lighter is better.



thanks! That was a good read....they show an L98 flywheel but I'll bet its only for the ZF6.

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