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Lingenfelter on eBay


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Feb 25, 2002
Cleveland, Ohio
ZZ4, 700R4, Steeroids rack & pinion, VB&P Brakes
I know this isn't really C3 related, but I thought I'd share...I think it's pretty wild/crazy...

...he's throwing stuff away on eBay!

One of his used LS1 intake manifolds...already ported to match the throttle body and cylinder heads. $10.50!!!! I didn't miss that decimal place. Only $5 to ship the thing! LS1 intake...under 20 bucks! Hahahah...

a twin 60mm throttle body complete for a 454/502ci block. $1.00. A measly 4 quarters! Oh, $3 shipping...

how about one of their camshafts for the LS1/LS6 for 50 bones?

set of four used MSW 17 x 9.5” alloy wheels that fit the 1992 through 1996 LT1 and LT4 Corvettes. Should also fit some earlier L98 Corvettes although some earlier year vehicles may need adapters. $46 + $10 shipping

For sale, a set of four used Michelin Pilot Sport tires. One pair of 285/30ZR18 tires and one pair of 295/35ZR18 tires. These tires have roughly 75% tread remaining. $224.50 + $5 shipping. On TireRack, the 285/30/18 are $324 each and the 295/35/18 are $341 each! Do the math... all four tires brand new cost $1330. Minus 25% for 25% treadware gone equals $1064. Now figure in $50 for shipping? Back up to $1100. Or you can buy them for $230 from Lingenfelter... he's virtually throwing them away!

Look up seller ling_perf on ebay for all his auctions...


Thanks for the heads up! I remember missing out when he got rid of his BBC camshafts. D'oh! I was kicking myself for a month. :(



The intake is mine.

I was the successful bidder on the LS1 intake. $81.00 for my BMW project.
Look for a fair priced big valve ported LS1 cylinder head, intake and cam package on ebay and my web site soon. It is being jointly developed by myself and Olsen Engines. We'll have flow numbers and HP/torque before and after. We'll be taking cores to keep the price down as well.
The LS1 would be a great cost effective engine swap for the tired L82. I think there was an article in Vette magazine recently on the conversion

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