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Looking for 1967 vette registry



I am trying to help someone find their old vette. I've seen quite a few registries online, but not for the 67. Can someone lead me to a site that is searchable for his particular vette?

So far, the only number he's given me is 194677S. I've since realized, he needs the rest of it. Where might that be in the documentation he has? Would it appear on the vehicle registry? An old insurance form?

I know it's a longshot, but figure I might as well try. By the way, he sold it in ~1973 for about $4000 for a station wagon to haul the kids around in. OUCH!

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'67 search

Hi Streetman,

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. The part of the serial number supplied is the same for all '67 convertibles. After the S is the 6 digit sequential production number that is actually the number of the car. It will be found wherever the first part of the number was. It will be on the registration, title and on any sales and finance paperwork he may still have. '67 serial numbers run between 194677S100001 to 194677S122940. If it was a coupe the 67 before the S would be 37.

Most state license bureaus will do a title search for a fee. If it was an Indiana title that would be the place to start, especially if he has a copy of the title or an old registration. The serial number should be enough though. They can search forward from his title as far as the car was in Indiana and should be able to tell you which state it went to if it has left Indiana. They should also be able to search by serial number and get you a current owner. Some states have gone to privacy laws that may make it difficult to get this info though. Also check through the Corvette History Search section of the Corvette Action Center for contact information for BMVs in Indiana and about everywhere else in the U.S.

I couldn't find any '67 specific registries or clubs but you might contact the NCRS . If the car has ever been judged at a Nation Corvette Restorer Society event the National Judging Chairman should have a record of it by serial number.

Good luck in your search. I would also like to remind all members new and old of the wealth of information located on this site. Many things don't just jump out at you but if you go to the Portal, main menu, Knowledgebase or just do a search like I did this time using the words "history" and "1967" you will be amazed at what is here.


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