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looking for a product


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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
Not sure what's it's called but basically it shines aluminum to look like chrome. Saw two cars that had used it on the A/C lines and condenser and you would swear they had chromed them. Talked to one guy and he said this stuff was hard to get and I can't remember the name of it. anyone know what it' called. I remember he said all you had to do was rub in on and wipe it off , there was no scrubbing involved
Simichrome. It's a German product that's hard to find. It comes in a squeeze tube...like toothpaste. I got mine from a body shop/paints supply company on Broadway in Lawrence a few years ago. I believe the company is Don Kennett Supply. They carry it, at least they did back then. There's another place to try in Haverhill. Damn, I can't think of the name of that place either, but they used to have huge 1/2 page ads in Whips Wheels newspaper and probably still do if the newspaper is still published.

Actually.....I have an old copy right here....:) Ahhhh....here it is....El Mar Company, Inc., 203 River St., Haverhill, MA 1-800-244-3921 (MA Only) Outside MA: 800-722-7024

I realize Haverhill and Lawrence are a bit of a hike for you, but....if you want it bad enough. :)

I will be honest with you though. I have tried just about every single metal polish on the market on the suspension and exhaust system of my Vette. The one product I keep coming back to time and time again.......Blue Magic which you can find at any auto parts store. Get the paste that comes in the jar because the stuff in the squeeze bottle is constantly plugging the spout and it's a pain to unplug it. Also, make sure you wear rubber gloves when you use any kind of metal polish especially Blue Magic. It's nasty stuff!! Good luck.
Rob said:
Also, make sure you wear rubber gloves when you use any kind of metal polish especially Blue Magic. It's nasty stuff!!

Gets your hands pretty black, eh? :L

I've used a bunch of 'em too, have you tried Wenol?


I still have a tube I bought in Germany in '70. Still good and I use it as well as Mother's and Wenol. All very good.

Car care supplies

I stopped at Pep Boys today. (I spotted it yesterday while going to the movies) They had an entire WALL devoted to care care and detailing! I saw the Back to Black and Wenol, among other polishes and such...my eyes were swirling, there was so much to see! Like Rob, I discovered Blue Magic this year, and I love it! But my aluminum rims are still not as bright as Rare81's. Bud, how did you get them so shiny?
Thanks for the info.
I had two jars of the Eagle one stuff, kinda like never dull.
worked on the coolant lines, and suspension and with a,little work they shine just like chrome now. I guess I wasn't using enough when I tried it before. I 'll have to try it on the inside of the wheels this weekend when I take them off. I'm gonna try the blue majic also just to see if there is a difference


Just found a new soruce for Semichrome Polish.It was right there on the back cover of my new Speedway Motors catalog. Item # 910-80109. www.speedwaymotors.com $4.95.


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