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Question: Looking for OEM radio with navigation and blue tooth.


Dec 17, 2018
Farmington, NY 14425
2010 ZR1
I'd like to upgrade the radio in my 2010 ZR1. I have the stock radio but want to upgrade to something with blue tooth. Is this available with OEM& I see some cars come with blue tooth, according to the manual!
I had the factory NAV / Radio in my 09, and the Bluetooth feature was only for pairing your phone to the system for hans free calling. It did not allow you to stream audio for example from your cell phone to the radio (i.e. Pandora or Spotify)
Looks like we have a couple new folks here.... Welcome to CAC. :w I'm afraid I can't help you with your questions, but hopefully, someone will be by soon who can help you. Me, personally, I upgraded to an aftermarket head unit to acquire those features....Mine is a Pioneer. Not only does it have Bluetooth, but Appleplay as well. ( I use an iPhone). I love the features this unit allows me.

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