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Oct 4, 2015
Gents, I am new to the collecting business, just purchasing a garage capable of holding 15-20 classics. I am not a mechanic. Just a collector.
I am looking for 1- a '63 split window. Black/black or Blue/blue. Preferably a fuelie.
2- a '58 fuelie. Charcoal, black or silver blue, with contrasting coves and interior.

Both must be investment grade - perfect condition, no work required. Matching numbers. Full nut and bolt restorations. Original colors.

You didn't mention your level of expertise, so here goes:

You will be spending a ton of money on investment grade fuelies, and you need to be an Old Corvette expert or have one available for purchase decisions. There are more "real" rare Corvette models on the road than Chevy ever produced, and some are forgeries that are so good it takes several owners to catch the scam. If price is no object, you can hire a buyer's rep, someone who will find and purchase for you. If you want to learn, and have a little fun, hook up with a NCRS chapter, and use the thousands of years of expertise represented by the membership. They are little anal, but it's all good for the purpose of buying a classic. Investment grade cars are available at the better known auctions, and documentation is usually presented with the car. Don't fail to check the authenticity of the documentation.

Most forums are not known for listing investment grade first and second gen Vettes for sale.

If you are already a knowledgeable buyer, just go to Scottsdale in January during auction week and choose your dream...see you there.

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