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Low Coolant Lamp Intermittent



I've been driving in the 90 and 100 degree heat quite alot in the last week.

Some time ago I had my Low Coolant light intermittently coming on and cannot remember what I ultimately did to chase away the problem. It seems like maybe I had just flushed the cooling system and had to work out an airpocket or some such.

This morning the light came on and once investigating coolant level, it was only down about a half inch at the radiator neck. I topped it off and the light continued to come and go. Coolant temp was normal.

I normally park on a ramp that has been converted to a single parking space in our office garage (I call this my armored parking space.) I back up the ramp, I expect it is something like a fifteen degree angle. I'm curious if an air pocket could have formed. When I got to the office I drove UP the ramp so that the neck will be at the highest point. I will check it when cool before I leave the office today.

Where is the low coolant sensor and what does it consist of? Is it a resistivity measurement or is it electromechanical?

Thanks for any help or sharing of your experiences with this gizmo.

Have a great day,


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Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
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I had the same prob last month. replace the radiator cap. ( Yes I know it sounds weird )



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Apr 4, 2002
Clever, MO
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My '88 used to do that. You need to "pack" the radiator to get the excess air out of the cooling system.

1. First thing in the morning, start car w/ rad. cap loose and let it warm up to 195 deg. normal temp. Feel the top rad. hose to be sure it is hot, thus normal temp. has been reached.

2. Have a friend run up the engine rpm to about 1500-2000 rpm and hold it at that rpm. This will suck down the water level in the radiator neck, allowing you to top off the fluid.

3. Once you think it's full, close the cap tight BEFORE your friend lets off of the throttle.

This procedure should take care of your "low coolant" warning lite.
You may need to do it 1-3 times on different days to get it just right.

Good luck,


Good tips, guys :beer

I've had the same problem in my '88 on and off for the last couple of months. Occasional 'Low Coolant' light, but, really random.... :r Sometimes when hot, sometimes when cold...

I'm gettin' me a new rad cap :w

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