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Low Oil Level


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Sep 23, 2001
Ooltewah, Tennessee
2002 Pewter Coupe
I have to park on a slope in my driveway that is somewhat steep. Yesterday morning , following a warm spell, it was quite cool here. As I started the car, the low oil level light came on. I pressed the reset button and continued on to work. The drive is 20 miles and as I approached the parking garage, the light again came on. After I parked and the sun came up (30 minutes, level area) I checked the oil level and it was at the small hole just below the max level mark on the dipstick. This morning I again had the light and after getting to work, the level was still at the small hole. Could the change in temperature had this effect? After 10K miles I have yet to see any oil use and this is :crazy :crazy
Hi there,
No, I dont think so.
However, based on the design of the oil pan, and the location of the level sensor, I would say that your angle of the engine is what did it.
So, what I would do, is to check the dipstick when you are on a level surface.
You most likely will be fine.
Besttoyou, and please keep us posted, c4c5:hb
checked it again on level surface it's still at the full mark..it doesn't do this all the time just when I park in a certain area of the drive, which I will now avoid...can't figure out why it would come on after driving for 30 minutes tho'.....electronics .. wonderful stuff..thanks for checking in..
OK, I have one to add to this topic. I just got the oil changed and not the DIC says Low Oil Level when the car starts and when I turn it off. The oil level is full and I don't understand why this is happening. It did not happen until 4 days after the oil was changed. Is there a problem with the oil sensor, or does it need to be reset some how. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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What is considered normail oil consumption ?

I'm burning a QT every 700-800 Miles..



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