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Lower engine noise/knock



I purchased my 2001 convertible in August 2001. Since new, it has had what seems to be a lower engine light knocking sound. It is most detectable at idle, which is about 600rpms for me (automatic). I am pretty sure it is not lifter noise, but rather perhaps ring or rod noise. With 4000 miles now, it is no better no worse. I am unaccustomed to such knocking with preious engines of any type. The Chevy dealers tell me stories that it is normal for the Corvette engine all the way to the Corvette engine uses solid lifters and it is normal. Does anyone have an answer to this?
OH ya normal...NO and it does not have solid lifters. You could be hearing injectors. Go to a dealer (not the one that tells you it has solid lifters)

Listen to it next to another car.....Call the zone office and have a rep come out and meet you. They will do this.

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