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lower steering column cover 1969



Replaced the wiper override switch on my 1969. Earlier I had loosened the two bolts holding the front part of the steering column. The ones just above the lower column. It appears 3 shims fell out I think on the right side.

Anyone seen this before. The reason I ask, I cannot get the lower column front screw back into the little flange that fits on the steering column. It does not line up. How important are the shims and I assume I need to place them back where they came from (right side I think)? It appears column is rolled a little two left if you are looking up at it., trying to screw in.

Any suggestyions. Never in my life have I spent this many hours on 1 screw!!!!!:r
Again, I'm not being helpful, but I can't stop laughing at this...
Never in my life have I spent this many hours on 1 screw!!!!!
:L :L :L
I guess there could be shims in there. I don't know why, and I will have to eyeball an assembly manual to see.

I guess the shims allow you to adjust the column up and down as needed to fit tight around the instrument panel opening. It makes perfect sense. In fact, mine is very tight with the replacement instrument panel and I was considering shimming it.

It won't hurn anything as long as you get the bolts long enough to go all the way through the case nut and torqued down.

Can you get a longer screw? Did the nut plate slip off that it goes into?

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