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Lowering Kit, How low do you go?



Has anyone lowered their C4? When you did, did you also remove the rubber pads from each end of the spring? I want to set it on the ground for autocross events. Any comments, please.

84c4.......I'll be lowering my ZR-1 hopefully by next weekend. The kit is only designed to lower your car by an inch to 1.5in. Doesn't sound like a lot but in the looks dept., it makes a big difference. I won't be autocrossing my car, so I'm not sure on specs for that, but I'll be posting pics before & after I lower it.

Are you going to remove the outside pads? There was an article in Corvette Fever a couple years ago and they did. It really put the car in the weeds, but I was worried about the relibility of the front spring after some miles. If you get a chance how about some before and after pictures.

I'm not sure yet about outside pads. I'll have to take a look at the directions when it gets here to see what those say. I've got the Corvette Fever mag you're talking about.......I'm sure I'll be refering to it as well. Will definately take before & after pics:)

NCCC class change alert!

Dave, Just so you know that this will put you in group 2 in NCCC autocross tech inspection and in class "E" there is alot of competion.

The Govenor of the Route 66 Corvette Club is in that class with his gold 85, But I would love to see someone beat him ;)

JT ZR-Won: I'm looking forward to pictures also, considered this for my 96 (already in group 2 )

I'm not afraid of Gold cars, it's no cones that I hate.:eek


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