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LS1 to LS6 Upgrade ?



Has anyone an opinion on the feasibility of upgrading an LS1 (in a covertible) to LS6 levels of performance. I want the performance but not in a hardtop, in a ragtop.
I personally don't think it is worth the hassle to do the upgrade because it can cost money and a lot of work. It can be done though.
Your better off buying a Z06.. For the amount of money you'll end spending..
There are different options you can take :
1- NOS . Where do you put the bottle ? You will also need some sticky rubber .
2- If you have an A4 , I think you do . A 2800 or 3000 stall converter with a 3:42 rear axle ratio and some sticky tires . You will not have the 400 hp rating but you will have all the tricks to put you the lows 12's to compete with the Z06 . You would need a programmer too. This option is my pick
3- They sell heads , Cam , Headers as a kit . If you increase your cam duration to much than you will need 3:42 rear axle to make up for low end power loss . Hpp3 is needed . this is alot more money and work , you might have tuning problems .
*I would not worry much about the exhaust , maybe the single Z06 cats or any aftermarket cats if you install headers .
Thanks '
Get a ProCharger supercharger (made for the C-4 specifically and just now available for the C-5 too) and you can smoke any Z06 made. I put one on my 2001 convertible and I'm out looking for Vipers and Twin Turbo Porshes to play with. Z06's are not worth worrying about any more (unless they have a supercharger too). Forget about all that upgrade to a Z06 stuff. With the PrCharger set up you can always go back to stock later, if you decide that is what you want. In the meantime you'll have a 535 h.p. (2001 C-5 with a stock motor and 550 with a good exhaust) and you can outrun just about anything out there. No other supercharger will give you that kind of gain at 7 lbs. boost on pump gas. Try getting that increase from engine upgrades and you'll be changing pistons, heads, intakes, cams, etc. and you won't be as happy with the results. Don't waste your money on anything else. If you are interested, let me know and I can give you more info on where to get it at dealer cost. See my posts in the 1997-2002 Forum.
Would appreciat info on the ProCharger supercharger for the C5. How long you had it installed? Cost? Cost of install? Any thing you tell me will be appreciated.
Current Corvette Fever has just that article this month!!!!!!!!!
reply to Charlie

I finished installing it myself about a week ago. I have about 200 miles on it since and I'm really pleased with it. It is so much more powerful than before and yet silky smooth in all the gears just like a stock car. It literally leaps when I put my foot in it now and it screams like the Cobra, but it is much easier to drive and control. It took me about 20 hours altogether ( I was in no hurry and I'm kinda fussy about the details), including upgrading to the Corsa exhaust and also putting Z06 grills and perforated housings behind them in the front end (for a little more air flow to the intercoolers). The instruction manual is very good and if you follow it you should be able to do it yourself too. I'm not a mechanic myself, but I have restored and built several cars over the years, so I'm "dangerous" and not afraid to try things like this myself. My advice to you, if you think you might want to install it yourself is to make sure that you use a hoist like I did (I have one in my garage) rather than trying to do it with jackstands and laying on your back. the hoist makes the job so much easier.

If you are serious about ordering a system, John Harris can have ProCharger send you an instruction manual ahead of the delivery of the unit so that you can have a feel for what is involved before you start on it. That's what I did so by the time it got here, I was familiar with the steps involved.

The other thing that I highly recommend is that you order all the GM shop manuals for your car like I did before you do it. You can get them from Helm, Inc. (the publisher for all GM manuals). Your owner's manual has the ordering info and you can actually order them over the internet like I did. They aren't exactly cheap, but they are great to have anytime you want to work on the car. They are invaluable if you need more detail about something that you are working on while you do it.

Attached is a picture of my 2001. If you look closely you will see the Cobra and 66 Vette stacked in the garage with the hoist.

If you need any more info, give me another shout.

Hope this was helpful.

Welcome to CAC and you have a very nice car there. Have you taken it to the track yet to find out about the times. Would be interesting to know. Where did you get the pro charger from may I ask. Thank you in advance.
reply to danl72


I got it shipped to me directly from ATI who makes the ProCharger. Check out my other posts for information on who I used to get it at dealer cost. It should save you about $1,100 off the retail price from ATI.

No, I haven't taken it to the track yet. I really didn't do it to be beating it up at the strip every weekend. I have driven and ridden in enough fast cars to know that it is probably at least in the high 11's now and under 4 in the 0-60. I just like to mess with people's heads on the street. It looks like a stock Corvette, but they quickly find out it isn't when it launches from about a 20 roll. I let them go first, get up next to them in first gear and then hit it and when I hit 2nd gear a second later their jaws hit the ground. If I hit 3rd, I'm already doing about 80-90 and that is enough for them to back off. It's fun to watch the look on their faces. I did that to a Buick Grand National yesterday. I'm sure he's still scratching his head. I hope to bag a Viper soon. This thing has the power of a 200 h.p. nitros sytem full time without the risk associated with nitros.

Attached is a picture of where the intake tubing is routed where the aircleaner used to be, so you can see how all that looks when you are done. It really is a nicely engineered package.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the information. I will check it out. I agree with you on not wanting to race your Vette and beat it up. I was just wondering if you tested it out yet, but I guess you have on the streets.
caccobra, thanks for the info. Really appreciated.
to danl72 and charlie

You're welcome. If you need anything else, give a shout. We just went from summer (80's) back to winter (30's and snow) here in Michigan, so I'm off the road this week. I guess those Vipers are safe this week....... Hmmm, do they make a sticky snow tire?????



I was amazed looking at the procharger site. The jump in price between other GM vehicles and the Corvette price. Still pretty cheap in terms of time. They said it takes 21 hours to install. How long did it take for the installation for you that have installed it? I saw 20 hrs, anyone else?

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