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LS6 - Oil use problems???



Hi folks!!

Just before Christmas I encounterd the "Z06" at my local dealership while on a trip to get another vehicle repaired. Well, you know the story!

Silver w/body side moulding. Torch red option on the seats. It's still a little cold in this part of Pa. but we've had a few sunny, clear road weekends! I love this car!!!!!! I had a 92' LT1 prior,but, it didn't run like this!!!

Anyway, whats the truth/scoop on the rumor I've heard that the LS6 might ue oil. I've heard as high as 1 QT every 100 mi. Can anyone substantiate??


Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. :)

I've been hearing reports that both the LS1 and LS6 engines have a tendency of drinking a large amount of oil, but then I've also heard reports from some owners that state they've been able to go 1000+ miles without the oil level dropping at all. It's possible that by design, the engines have a tendency towards greater oil consumption which becomes more apparent depending on how the car is driven.

Historically, a similar situation was seen between the '90 and '91 ZR-1 LT5 engines. I can't remember if the seals were added in the '93-'95 LT5s of if they were added in the '91-'95 engines, but in any case, I believe the '90 LT5 engines lacked exhaust valve seals which caused greater oil consumption. The oil consumption decreased with the addition of exhaust valve seals.

I can't say if the reports of increased oil consumption in the C5 engines are due to the lack of exhaust seals or not.

If you find out more concrete information, by all means, let us know.

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