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70 LT-1 convert

Calling all C3 LT-1 owners. I am in the process of putting together an LT-1 registry and want to get an idea if there is enought interest. I am also working on a name for the registry, so far Legendary LT-1 seenms to be the front runner. If you have any suggestions, comments, or interest, please let me know.
Hi Dean,

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. I think I recall reading a letter from you in either Corvette Fever or Vette Magazine about the start of an LT-1 Registry. Excellent idea, but out of curiosity, isn't there already an LT-1 Registry run by Tony Zabrocki in New York? I know the organization was in existence in the mid-'90s, but haven't heard anything about it since. Did the organization dissolve?
I have been working on finding an existing registry but have not been successful as of yet. I was not aware of any info in CF or any other publication related to an LT-1 registry so if you saw something could you let me know the magazine, year, and month so I can order a back issue. I do not want to duplicate efforts so any info you may have would be appreciated. Regarding Tony Zabrocki in New York, I was told that he was focusing more on the C4's than C3's but I do not know how to reach him to confirm this. One of the main issues for my interest is, besides being a lucky owner, I have seen and heard of ony 88 1970 LT-1 convertibles being left and I thought this would not only be fun but answer some questions as well. I have not started the process as yet but I thank you for your response and any help and direction you can offer. I have spoken to a fellow with the NCRS and he is also helping with my search.
Thanks again,

Welcome to the forum. The LT1 registry is a good idea. I remember reading something about one years ago but haven't ever seen anything. If it does exist it must not be very active. I can't see where it would hurt if you started aa active LT1 organization. I'm sure that you would attract many members.
My search has ended. Larry Fetner has started a site for the C3 LT-1's, http://www.lt-1registry.com It is in the very early stages but he has run a similar site in the past and based on the info I know I expect it to be very good. Please pass the word and lets see how we make out. Thanks for the reply.
LT 1

Now we need Larry to become a CAC member and link the LT1 Registry to the Corvette Action Center. Looks like it will be a quality site.

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