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Lt-4 related.



My question; was the LT4 only offered in 1996 ? Thanks in advance,

This is going to be splitting hairs, but oh well.:)

In the Corvette the LT4 was only offered in '96. However, GM also built a handfull of LT4 powered F-body's in '97. From what I remember most if not all of the LT4 F-body's where sent to SLP for their custom touches.

Check out www.lt4.com for all the detail's.

LT-4 question.

Thanks Twiget & FX, Twiget I have subscribed to LT4.com !

Another Item.....

O.K., maybe I should address this to c4c5specialist, but maybe there are others out there with this problem ? It appears that my power steering pump pulley is wobbling out of line extremly bad. Is this common ? Also, how big of a pain is it to fix myself ? I took it by a local shop, the guy qouted me 24.95 for a new pulley, plus one hour shop labor ? I really don't want to deal with this guy, as he got really assinine after I wouldn't tell him what I paid for the car, or where I bought it ! Thank's in advance,


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