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LT-4 top end


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Nov 2, 2000
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Since my car is now in lay up until the rain stops falling out of the sky, it's time for me to start day dreaming of driving it.

That being the case, I'm wondering what everyone has gotten there LT-4 powered 'Vette's up to (heck, I'd like to know about none LT-4 powered 'Vette's too!) The fastest I've ever gotten my GS up to is up to about 133 showing a mid 90's Z-28 why the Corvette is the Camaro's big brother!

Anyone run against a fairly stock LS-1? From everything I've heard, the LT-4 is at least as strong as the LS-1, if not stronger.

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Twiget - I'v "kissed" 180 MPH in my C5 - correcting for speedometer error , that would be 178.2 MPH. Never over 150 in my LT-1 and 165 in LT-4 ... ALL STOCK bolt-on stuff only .

www.lazyinn.net/page5.html : if you aint scared you aint going fast enough
This should give you some idea...



I have both anectdotal and dyno evidence that bone stock, the LT4 is more powerful than the 97-00 LS1. During last year's Gathering (a ZR-1 and GS event) at the NCM, John Heinricy (GM program manager for the 96 GS) related a story about when the LS1 was being readied for release. GM didn't want the 1 year only, "old" technology LT4 to outshine the "new" technology LS1, so the claimed power outputs of both powerplants were "adjusted" a bit for political reasons. Pure stock, the 330HP LT4 actually generates about 345 and the 345HP LS1 closer to 330 (at the flywheel). This 2-way 15HP delta has been verified many times by independent dyno runs (Vinci Hi-Performance, for one). Sure, some motors make more, some make less, but by and large, that's the story.

No question the stock LS1 breathes and performs better on the top end, though. And of course, the entire package of the C5 is refined so that everything works "better" as a system. In truth, I feel much more comfortable in a stock C5 at hyper speeds than I do in a C4... but that's just IMHO.


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originaly posted by gs633


One day in the not too distant future...

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I can make my 86 read that if I remove the speed sensor and spin it with a drill.

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I think the LT4 is capable of middle to upper 170's...let you know by the end of May

brooks walls
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Brooks, I look forward to seeing your results from Nevada. I dont think I'm going to be able to make it this year, but I should be able to do the '02 one. I'll get some time in at Portland International Raceway this summer and hopefully figure out how to keep the shiny side up.

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they are more fun that you can imagine. get your entry in early. it had become very popular the last 2 years. 3 teams from Japan, 2-3 from England, 1 from Saudi Arabia
1 from New Zealand, a number from Canada
A good friend of mine owns a CE coupe and I got the opportunity to "test drive" it:) I was very impressed with the power of the LT-4! Excellent revving power and overall smooth ride:D Very cool car....his sounds great with those Tri-Flows too!

JT ZR-won

The LT-4's are a lot of fun. And the strongest Chevy motor put in a C4.

Good luck on finding a ZR-1. I would love to add one of those to my stable! But the 20k-50k price tag is a little out of my range while I'm still paying for the GS. :)
Re: JT ZR-won

Originally posted by twiget
I would love to add one of those to my stable! But the 20k-50k price tag is a little out of my range while I'm still paying for the GS. :)

10/4 on that twiget....they are steep. I've got to hang out in the '90-'92 dept.

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