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LT1 cranks but doesn't start



Here's one for the real techs out there.

'92 LT1 cranks but doesn't start.
I've got Alldata and a Matco 4000 scan tool.
Fuel delivery is verified good.
Car has no spark.
I pulled a code 42 from the ECM. After testing I replaced the ignition module (coil driver). Now I still have a no start condition with a code 41. At this point I don't really trust that I have a bad ignition module as the new test procedure shows. It's possible that I got a bad part, but I strive to diagnose a problem not just be a parts swapper.
One test procedure asks 'is there RPM indicated during cranking?'. The scan tool with key on indicates 318 rpm, this value does not change cranking or not. Lo Resolution signal is 96ms and High Resolution signal counts up during cranking from 0 at a 1/2 to 3/4 per second rate.
Bad Opti-spark? Bad PCM? Ignition module?



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