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LT4 LT1 heads- valves increased to LT4 size

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Jun 9, 2001
COCOA, FL, 32927
1994 Coupe, 6sp,FX3,Z07 / 1997 Sebring Silver Coup
Can anyone tell me if you can take a set of LT1 stock heads and have them ported and the valve size increased to the LT4 size. Is there enough metal there for that. Looking to keep the intake and heads original but maybe get the benefit of the LT4 flows.

Or can the LT4 intake be made to fit the LT1 heads as they are currently installed on the car. What else would need to be altered if this could work.

Anyone else done this or similar without going to full LT4 components.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Sounds nice

I recommend you get a hold of Lingenfelter. They WILL tell you exactly. They have tech help.

First look around on the site there may be heads like that he sells. I know John does a lot of work with LT1 engines and stroker kits. The iron heads are better than the aluminum heads on the LT1 vette and camaro engine (flow wise).
And the OBDII heads are even better.
Some late model 95's even came with them.

You got something good going if the combo works! :gap


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