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LTPWS 89 to 92


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Nov 22, 2008
Mystic CT
91 Dark Green Coupe
I have the following off a 91 L98 Coupe
All housing are Black with colored plasic insert with part # etc..

GM parts book says they are 89 to 92

All the OK's are no codes at all the green LF thows a code every time...

All removed by dealer with warning they are there and they were well aware of it and to take care in the tire change..

10098494 blue RF complete OK
10098495 green LF sensor BAD band and weight OK
10098496 orange RR complete OK
10098497 yellow LR complete OK

Once shipped no returns as I have no control over who mounts the tire and they kill the sensor. I have them without the slightest scratch after coming off my wheels.. I also scanned the system to find the bad one 3 times and the green left front every time with no other codes..

I can get a pic if you really need it beyond this sdescription but i promise they are pristine... only 67 k on the car.. It is an automatic and other than a clean up for driver being a slob and needing a new radio the car is a very nice driver it will never be a show car though at least not with my budget. I like the car just not the Vette of my dreams to be candid. If it was a late C4 vert marron with saddle interior witha six speed low miles the money would be flowing a lot faster..

I am looking for 150 each plus paypal fees if you want to go that way or 400 for all 4 and have a spare band and counterweight.. same on the paypal 2.5% or so deal of course shipping is actual and will advise accoroding to zip code sent to and your preference of shippers and options.. These things ebay from 175 to 200 each so I hope a fair price if not make a serious offer and we can talk..


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