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Manual Seat Adjustment



I drive a '94 corvette convertible with manual seats. The problem is that I'm only 5'3" and currently have to use a pillow (is that tacky or what?) in order to see the road.

Is there a way to adjust the manual seat on driver's side so it permanantly sits up about 2 inches higher? I hope this is possible but, if not.........

What's involved in converting my manual seat to a power seat on the drivers side? Is it very costly?

Thanks, Natalie
Hi Natalie, and Welcome to the forum. :) I don't know the answer to your question, but some of the forum members will probably be able to help. I'm 5'3" too, and have power seats and have never had a problem, so if you do change to power seats, it will work for you too. Enjoy the forum. :)

Gettin higher!


The Clamshell ( what the seat cushions fit into) is bolted 4 places to the top of the seat rack.It's a plastic shell.

With some longer bolts & some wood ( or metal )
You could easily get a 2" rise or more.

This should be the cheapest approach.

As far as power seat(s) go that's expensive
1 power track
1 center console change ( so you can have control of the seats)

I'll, bet 750 or higher going this way.

Thanks for the replies to my question. I feel in love with this car and just had to have it, in spite of its lack of power seats. The pillow has really got to go though. It was when I was cleaning my car and saw how the seat was attached that I realized perhaps a block of wood could raise it. When I posted the question, I thought it was probably a crazy idea. But your replies convinced me that it's worth a try.

A kit would be nice. Anyone out there know where to get one? Do you think this is something anyone who knows how to screw in a a bolt can do? If not, where would I take my corvette for it's "seat lift"? A body shop?

Thanks again for your replies, and for providing a great place to discuss corvettes. I love this forum, it's the best!

Places to try

1) Mechanically inclined boyfriend....

2) Machine shop in your area...Yellow pages

3) Body shop

4) Custom car stereo places These guys have to fabricate all sorts of weird stuff in the shop..

Worth a try


I would guess the following, and I think it's a fairly easy job. If your not doing the job yourself.. Give this to the person guesstimating the work Im thinking 2 to 3 hours.

Square Aluminum or PVC stock, I think wood would get loose after a while.

1" wide
the length under the seat rack guessing 20" of raw stock would be WAY over what you need.. I think 8 " per length would cover it.
The level of elevation needed
I'm guessing 2" ( assuming the pillow is a throw pillow and the crush factor...and NOT making any weight jokes here)

Materials needed

1) You need a 1X2 chunk of Aluminum 20" long

2) 4 replacement bolts, any good auto parts or hardware store should have these.The bolts are metric.

Remove the lower seat pad
( Clip under the seat plastic on the bottom front center of the seat, push down & back to release clip)

Lift seat pad out of the way

Remove 4 12mm bolts

Disconnect any wiring..I don't know if you have sport style seats on not ( any switches on side of seat?)

Pull seat out, rack stays in place.

Take length measurements

Cut material

Drill 4 clearance holes (2 in each spacer)

Take measurements of new bolt length needed

Reassemble, check for fit

Another thought here....

Was the previous owner a Big person?
If so.. the padding under the seat may be compressed.A new seat foam will give you another
1/2 inch of lift, try the passenger seat.. see how it feels from a height standpoint. If it does feel better you can swap em.

Thanks again for everyone's help. The instruction sheet was great!

I will have to show this post to my wife later tonight. She is only 4'11", and so maybe right at 5' with shoes on. We have made no adjustments to her 90 which is very much like your car and I am not aware of any problems except when I get in the car behind her and forget to move the seat. :nono

Good Luck!


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