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March 2002 - Grinding the Corvette Axe

One of the first thing I learned was about the wave, then when I took my granson and neice for a ride I let them do the wave and they thought it was sooo cool! now anytime they ride with me they are on the lookout for other vettes. :w
Today was a good day for the wave.

I was 2 out of 2 from C5 owners, and each time, they waved broadly out of their window after they passed me in another lane of busy traffic. Not just desultory waves, but outgoing, isn't-the-corvette-lifestyle-great waves. :cool
Very, very and very well said!!!!! We need to set the example, in fact we do, when you are :Steer the all AMERICAN SPORTS CAR, have respect for it and all others as well. . . . .whether they drive one or not.
Bill B. :w
I am a car lover and have owned many exciting cars in my 63 years. In my salad years I have owned and sometimes driven vehicles that would have been at home in a junk yard.
I currently own a 2005 C6 and a 2005 Porsche GT3 Mark ll. Each has its own merits and I really enjoy driving both of them. I ALWAYS wave to Corvette and usually get a return wave 75% of the time. I ALWYS wave to Porsches and rarely get a return wave. (how do you know the difference between a Porcupine and a Porsche owner)
It has always escaped me why some people cop an attitude when they get behind the wheel of a Porsche. There are quite a few P car owners in my neighborhood and with the exception of two they are pricks, never returning a wave and sometimes deliberately looking the other way should we pass each other.
Know what I do. I wave anyway and honk my horn incessantly. Seems to **** them off. Life is good, but I need a louder horn!!
The Wave

It used to be sports car owners waved at one another, regardless of the margue. I like to wave to greet another enthusiast!! But frankly many drivers are NOT enthusiasts, they are poseurs. They drive a nice car for the cachet they presumably get from driving a nice car. They don't necessarily drive a nice car because it is a nice car - only for the one-upmanship that accrues from it. I just keep on waving!! Maybe my joy in driving will rub off on them - we don't need to to develop our own snarky attitude - we just need to develop our joy!! SAVE THE WAVE
While all or most sport bike riders would usually wave to me the Harley crowd would not while I just waved at all bike riders, not because of the brand of bike they had but because we obviously shared the open road. There are some cruiser guys that give me the wave and I do the same, again because we share a common interest/passion/vision, whatever you want to call it. I think it's pretty sad when I ride mi bike and Harley guys are just too cool to wave back. I almost laugh at how tough they try to seem with their scouring facial expressions. But then I noticed on some of my longer rides that some Harley guys don't even acknowledge their own kind.

It sounds like you have a little attitude against H-Ds. Maybe you just don't see us wave since you're usually blowing by at 130 m.p.h. I'll admit, I don't wave unless somebody waves at me first. No big deal. If I wanted to wave, I'd join a parade. As far as the "scouring facial expressions," I think it is a from watching a person ride a motorcycle ( or should I say "sport bike') looking like a monkey humping a coconut. Driving the vette I always wave at another one, even if they don't. It's a vette tradition.

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