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Master List of Main Suppliers - Who am I missing?


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
I just ordered a couple of more catalogs I had been missing.

What other big suppliers or special systems vendors for C3 vettes that offer a catalog am I still missing? I want stock in ALL of these!!! :)

Al Knoch (D/L from online)
Chicago Corvette (ordering now)
Corvette America
Corvette Central
Corvette World (ordering now)
Flaming River (D/L from online)
Guldstrand (just ordered)
Hydratech/Hydraboost (D/L from online)
J&D Corvette (ordering now)
Mid America
Old Air Products (D/L from online)
The Paddock
Paragon (just ordered)
Steeroids (D/L from online)
Tom's Differentials (D/L from online)
Van Steel (ordering now)
Vette Brake Products
Vette Specialties (several products included w/ Corvette America)
Vintage Air (D/L from online or ordering)

Isn't Year One the same as The Paddock?
Wow you are getting them all !!!!!! You must have a big bathroom.

I don't have all them but then again I have two sets of all the ones I do have. Ya kno 1 set for the bathroom and one set at work. Then on some you need both the C3 catalog and the C4 catalog.

I like Mid America the best they are always sending me a new catalog. They must send them out monthly cause theres always a new one in the mailbox. Nice color photos too.
Here is one specific to 1963 ~ 1982: Volunteer Vette Products at www.volvette.com

business in Muskegon, Mi. called Muskegon Brake. More parts for Vettes than just brakes. They have a catalog out. Phone # 800-442-0335. www.muskegonbrake.com. Excellent place to do business with.

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