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Missing Screw on '89 roadster

Feb 26, 2001
10 miles south of Detroit, MI
Sold my '89 Triple Black Convertible - 3/08
Before I try to call the local Chevy dealer tomorrow and explain which screw I need, I was wondering if anyone of you guys had some sort of diagram that would give a name or number for the screw in question.

I had noticed a severe rattling noise recently, and figured that it from the hatch that hides the convertible top. Luckily, it wasn't. It turns out that a screw or bolt that holds 2 metal "support rods" coming from the rear drivers side quarter panel and attaching just above the muffler is missing. The quarter panel is vibrating like mad now!

I looked on the passenger side and there's only 1 "support rod" (for lack of the correct term) instead of the 2 that are on the drivers side...so the screw for the drivers side is probably gonna be longer.

I'd appreciate any advice that you can give me!

from the parts book

Use general hardware...local store with the same thread. I don't think there is a part number for that. I can tell you 100% on Monday when I return home from work but I would use my local hardware store.
Thanks, Vettechick. I tried a couple dealers in the area, but all they had were blurry diagrams that didn't tell anything at all.

So I got a few screws from the hardware store that look like they may work. I'm gonna go out and try them in a little while.

If you do find anything out on Monday, though...please let me know!


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