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Question: Modded c6 with dyno sheet that I question, what do you think?


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Oct 13, 2012
mid Michigan
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Hi, I am considering a C6 with an LS 2, its modded seriously, it has a procharger 1sc , long tube headers, BnB Bullet exhaust, dont know if exhaust is complete or just the back end . He claims the original cats are on the car, he has methanol injection on it, he says he runs it at 100 percent meth, not mixed at all with water. It has a blower cam in it, I dont know which. He also says that the actual pressure figures are really low, that the meth kicks in at two psi, and that he has used very very little meth altogether. I think he said that the highest pressure figure, is six psi that the blower puts out. I am thinking that , the pure meth being injected, may be cooling things off so much that it lowers the psi reading .

He claims this car has over 650rwhp on a dyno sheet, but only claims that its making 550 ft pounds of tourque. I am finding this figure of over 650 at the wheels a little high, however, I can buy into the 550 ft pounds of tourque with these mods.

Oh yes, he has no build sheet, even though it was done at a pro shop that put on everything except the headers and cats. He also has NO receipts on any of the work done, I guess he just isnt the hoarder of receipts that I am. Apparently, he didnt think they were important to keep. Of course I will be calling the shop that did the work and asking about it.

On their website, procharger does say that horsepower readings keep going higher due to the blower building boost at high rpms., but I am thinking the rwhp, is really high for this setup, I could buy into perhaps, that this figure perhaps being an open header figure, true on a flywheel reading . I find it even less likely for this to be accurate, because he claims that he put the stock cats on AFTER he got it back. It seems that stock cats built for a four hundred horse motor, AINT at all likely to flow enough to allow 650 rwhp, an 85 percent or so increase in hp after the mods. To try to figure out how this can be accurate, I downgraded the stock hp, to 348 at the rear wheels to allow for 15 percent losses thru the trans and gear. Keep in mind please, that I have not seen or driven this car, so lots more is to be learned. What do you all think, is this rwhp figure at all likely to be accurate?? Of course , I realize that different dynos put out different readings, and well,,,,,, that some are quite optimistic.
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650-hp at the wheels is about 760 at the flywheel. No dyno sheet. No build sheet. No receipts?

Be careful....very careful.
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more so than power questionable?

I also forgot to put in the above list of power mods, is that this is an intercooled procharger. More than the overall power, which he says is enough to make first and second gear disappear in wheelspin.

Since I havnt asked him about it yet, is it likely that traction control will still work at all?

If those numbers are anywhere near accurate,, I am concerned about overall durability with a blower especially if it makes these kind of power numbers. If anyone has info/experience with or about the procharger and what it does in regards to durability, I would be interested in knowing any problems or seriously increased maintenance with this setup. Does anyone have any idea, whether the stock cats are likely to allow this kind of power output?

650-hp at the wheels is about 760 at the flywheel. No dyno sheet. No build sheet. No receipts?

Be careful....very careful.
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