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Monitoring problems



Hello all. I've had my 97 White Corvette since July and I love it! The problem is I keep on getting messages that say "Check Engine and Low Coolant" I've taken it to the dealer and they reset it but I got the check engine light on again. Now I know that the Low Coolant message is a known problem, ussually when you are on an incline, but I don't know how to get that fixed. The check engine light is my pet peeve though. Any ideas.

Also, I just had my engine oil replaced and the "Low engine oil at 8%" message is still on. What should I do.

Thanks for any help.

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Do you know if the mechanic has found any trouble codes entered from the Check Engine light being on and if so, what those codes might be?
do you know your mechanic?

Your "LOW COOLANT" problem is the sensor in the radiator surge tank. It has to be replaced with part number #10405218..this is the whole surge tank and sensor.

And to tell you why your engine check light is coming on I need the code for the engine check light (it's stored when the light comes on)
Thanks, I went to see my mechanic today and he said the same thing about the coolant problem. I'll have him do a diagnostic to see what codes I'm getting. Thanks again!!!!
Check Engine Light related to leaking battery

You might want to check the codes for 10 - PCM module. My check engine light came on shortly after I purchased my 2000 2dr Coupe with 28k miles. Under warranty the dealer said it was due to battery acid leaking from the side terminal AC Delco battery. The acid apparently leaked from the original battery. It was replaced under warranty at 17K miles. The acid impacted a number of vacuum lines that run under the battery tray. They repaired two leaks and the light went out. Two weeks later, the light came back on. I took it back in and they replaced the air injection pump and another leak on a vacuum line. BEWARE the side terminal battery!

As to your "Low Engine oil" just go to the DIC and reset Engine Oil Life back to 100%

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