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more cylinder head questions



Ok i now realize cylindar heads are a must. But which heads ??
I have had good luck with all my other edelbrock products and want to stay with there heads. However it looks like I have a few options in the 1000 dollar range which is where I would like to stay.

I am alreday running the performer intake and 750cfm carb. Relize I should be at a 64cc head. The question is do I go with the Edelbrock Performer heads, the Performer RPM or the new E-tec series. Which will give me the most power and keep my car street driveable. Somthing that will not have a problem running on pump gas and will not need alot of upkeep.

Performer heads, The Performer RPM or the new E-tec series ???
We need more info,

What gear ratio, trans etc.

Do you want bottom end grunt, or high RPM hsp?

The RPM head is hard to beat. I don't have any experience with the new e-heads.

What does Edelbrock say? Granted you sit on hold forever before speaking to a rep, but they usually have good advice.
The E-tec heads are for vortec intake maniflod (ports are .2" taller than standard sb heads). I have heard they can be machined to fit, but why go through all that when you dont have to. Through my research for heads, the only diference b/n the performer and RPM is that the performer has a "exhaust crossover passage for emissions equipment compatibility" If you look at the cyl head specs on www.Edelbrock.com the dimensions and flow characteristics of the RPM and performer are the same.
Hope that helps some.

'77 4spd
4.10's,performer intake+carb,dual exh. w/flow. mufflers
next stop: heads,cam,headers
thanks for the advise so far.

| am running all stock gears, auto transmission, 65k on the block. I am hoping to get the most low end power I can. Even after headers, carb and manifold I still cant even get a squeek out of the tires..

just want some more out of the whole power and a nice deep rumble

Also geed to clean up the mufflers, and one run straight pipes ?? It this going to be way to loud ?? Am I going to need some sort of muffler ?? Want it low and loud, but as I have not converters or eemisions not to loud where ill be getting stoped every mile
The Performer is for carbureted engines, the Performer RPM is for the TPI engines.

_ken :w
Rear Gears

Hello and welcome to the CACC, JB/cmegga. What is the gear ratio in your differential? I ask this, because modifications here would provide very noticeable gains and would be the step I would turn to first. If you have an anemic rear end, pouring money into cylinder heads will not realize their full potential. Of course, you have to make the decision between fuel consumption and performance, but I think it's a solid investment either way. Just my opinion here, so good luck with whatever parts that you may choose. --Bullitt

Thanks .. glad to find this site.

I have all stock set up. No previos modifications were made to this car. Im not sure what in the rear end , but evetually I would like to switch my gear set up. Right now Im really only making power over 30mph.

I see alot of gear options threw jegs in the 100-150 dollaar range. Is this as easy as droping in one gear ?? Or would I be looking at throwing a whole new rear end on??

What ever it takes because right now its not cutting it for me.
cylinder heads

Iwent with the full performer rpm set-up including the 64cc aluminum heads. I'm impressed with one exception, I'm going to change my carb this spring. The problem is the vacuum secondaries on the edelbrock, there just isn't enough bang when I hammer the car in 3rd or 4th gear. A Holley with a mechanical secondary will cure this problem. Keep in mind I'm running a 355 so the only other option would be a 502(sweet). A larger block would make the edelbrock 750cfm work well but I'm not into changing the block. Yet! Ha Ha.
The main difference between a Performer 2101 and Performer RPM 7104 intakes is that the RPM is both taller and has power band at higher range. Both are suitable for carb motors, both accept both spreadbore (QJet) & squarebore (AFB, Holley) carbs (the RPM 7101 is squarebore only). In other posts, some have said the taller RPM does not fit well under their hood. Another interesting intake is the Performer Air Gap 2601 (not the even taller RPM air gap) ... it's a little taller than the 2101 ... but not as much as the 7101 ... and it does NOT have the hot exhaust crossover under plenum as the 2101 / 7101 / 7104 have. None of these numbers have provision for EGR valve ... other variants are available for EGR.

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