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More Horsepower Needed!


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
Hello everybody,
I'm planning on upgrading the horsepower on the 'Vette this winter. What suggestions to you guys have? The only thing I'm sure of is a Borla Exhaust system and the K&N air filter (which I already have).

I would like to stay away from the 180 degree temperature thing because I'm not really that handy. I was thinking more along the lines of "bolt on horsepower", easy to moderate modifications.

Also, do any of you recommend a transmission fluid change? I have been told different theories on that and would like to get some feedback from other 'Vette owners.
Is your Vette a daily driver? Also, how many miles & I'm assuming it's got an automatic trans. There are a million bolt ons, but some of them will be better than others depending on what you use your car for.

It's kind of a daily driver; I usually go to work which is 14 miles round trip. I don't take it to go shopping or anything like that though. It has a little less than 89,000 miles on it; the engine seems to run strong at higher speeds and the automatic transmission doesn't hesitate at all.

The man who lives 2 doors down is a mechanc and he's agreed to help. This is a guy who restored a 79' 'Vette, a 69' Camaro SS and in the process of another Camaro.

I would like to know this, how much power could I safely pull out of my 5.7 liter V8?
BullWinkle said:
I would like to know this, how much power could I safely pull out of my 5.7 liter V8?

On a motor with around 89K miles, I wouldn't suggest digging into the motor. Like you stated above, I would stick to bolt on performance. A nice set of ceramic coated full length headers into a Borla cat-back would be a nice start. That would give you a little more "oomph" and a real nice sound to go with it.
A rear end gear change will also be a very noticeable difference in performance.
There are also many different types of modified intakes that bolt right on.


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