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My 79 Vette



Just thought I'd show you my 79 vette that i purchased last june.
This is my first corvette and It's pure joy to drive. I've put 4,000 km on it since i bought it.
I'm sad to say that I'm putting in away for the winter in 2 weeks, we get to much snow here in the Eastern Townships near Montreal.
I will start to restore the interior and the suspension this winter.
The guy that owned it before had painted the interior black, why any body would want to paint a nice light doeskin leather interior is beyond me.

Also I'm starting to build a web page on my restoration and when it's available i'll repost the address.

Till next time.
Looking good, and please do post your site so we can follow along on the resto..
Good luck with it. I'm sure that any questions that you have can be answered here on the forum.
I bought my '79 last Dec. and have put 2500 miles and large amounts of knuckle skin in it since. Did the rear suspension, doing the engine now, front suspension for a winter project.

Welcome CraigRudd. Nice looking car there. And yes if you have any questions this would be the place to ask. On your suspension are you going for factor or for performance?

Congrats on your 79! Great picture! I love the trees in the background, beautiful color! :)

I'm sure you'll have tons of fun with your car next spring and summer after your resto's. You might want to check my AOL web page (before I take it down), for the suspension mods that were done to my car. It was set up for road course racing.

Good luck with your new toy..

All fixed..

I have two pages up, so it was a little confusing. The profile link works for my aohell page now. What a pain it is to work with!! :(

Anyway, the link is AOL page

I don't have pics of the suspension rebuild, it was already done when I bought the car. I believe Scott81 has actual pics of his suspension rebuild on his website.

Beautiful car Craig, A great autumn pic of it too..<smile>

That's a beautiful picture Craig...with the colors in the trees...hm! I too, feel your pain with putting the vette away soon.


Hey Spirit

Is that the rear indy spoiler or is it the rear bumper spoiler. I am not to sure what it is from your webpage. I am asking because i have been looking into buying the skirt and spoilers for my 79.
I am not to sure to go with the indy spoiler (to keep the original bumper) or go with the rear bumper/spoiler combination and on top of that a turbo spoiler. I would also like to add the stinger hood.

It looks really good from the pics!



The front and rear spoilers were aftermarket additions to the car. They're the Indy Pace Car spoilers, bought from either Ecklers or Mid America. They were delivered primer black and painted to match the car.

I'm not sure what you mean by turbo spoiler and bumper/spoiler combinations. The 79 either came with a Pace Car spoiler or no spoiler at all.

Good luck on your decision.

the "bumper/spoiler combination" i am talking about is the spoiler that was put on the 80 vette. its the rear bumper but its also got the shape of a spoiler. its all just one piece. and the turbo wing is a spoiler that follows the contours of the whole rear end, from about halfway down the rear (fastback) window and covers the rear bumper. I would have to look up the link its hard to describe in words but i can tell you for sure that it looks pretty intimidating!

Nice looking vette. Good luck over the winter on your restoration. I just spent the last 4 days driving north and back to see a Autumn tree like that. Sometimes it's the little things that count I guess.

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