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My new Idea for a GLOVE BOX!!!


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Hey I was thinking about something..

Ive driven and been in many a Jag heres my plan:

Find a written off one (or order the part EEK!) but they have a glove comp, that is FLAT with a cool little rubber opener.

Also the depth is small

Guess what Im thinking.......

Ive yanked the bread box and already have a wood grain ""flat""
passenger side dash thingy from Ecklers.

Im going to cut a hole in it and rig up the jags glove compartment and use my wood grain (veneer) the make it all hunky dory

What yall think??
Oh ya and I realize the ECM computer whatever is there but I'll make sure its just fine with enough air cooling.
For the price of the part I bet you could buy a mini ram set up!!! :)
Thats why I was hoping to find a wrecked one in a yard or something (Good Luck) but as far as I know these glove box's go back like 30 years in that car so thats a plus for me.
They used to make a glove box...in flat or bread box style.......we have one.....so they may be out there still somewhere, if only used......check our site under "customization" (same directory as the carbon fiber dash) ;) the latch design we adapted may be even easier than the jag knob configuration
OMG thats beautiful!!! Id do it with the flat but DAMN Where do I get one that would make me Sooooo Happy. Im going to try and hunt one down on the internet tonight (wish me Luck)

Oh ya No kidding easier than the Jag conversion.
Glove box thingy!!

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