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Aug 26, 2004
Tobacco Road, NC
Night Race blue C7

[h=1]Build Sheets/ Window Stickers[/h]
Your Corvette Collection just isn’t complete without a copy of your build sheet and a reproduction window sticker! The National Corvette Museum offers build sheets and window stickers for any Corvette assembled in Bowling Green since the GM Plant opened in 1981.
[h=3]Build Sheets[/h]
There’s a lot of nifty paperwork associated with cars. Most people throw the stuff out shortly after buying their car but in some cases the original paperwork is still available with the car.
The Build Sheet, often considered “the holy grail” to many folks is a cool item to find. It is often the only means of verifying exactly what options came with your particular car, and helps you determine how many Corvettes were produced exactly like yours. The build sheet is what goes down the line with the car when it is being assembled. It indicates to the line worker exactly what goes on that specific car.
Build sheets vary in size from year to year, 8½ X 11 up to 11 X 17 and you have the option for it to be laminated.
Q. Does the build sheet contain the build date?
A. No. In 2006 the Assembly Plant quit putting dates of any type on the build sheet. Prior to that, the date on the build sheet was NOT the date the car was built, but the date the order was entered for production. It has been reported that it took 7-10 working days from the time the order was entered until the Corvette rolled off the production line.
Q. Does the key code appear on the build sheet?
A. No. The key codes do not appear on the build sheets due to security reasons. Key codes can only be obtained through an authorized dealer.
Q. How can I obtain a build sheet for a Corvette built in St. Louis?
A. We do not know. We have been told by General Motors that all records from the St. Louis Plant were destroyed in a fire after the Assembly Plant was re-located to Bowling Green in mid-1981.
Build Sheet (Paper) – $35 Members* / $45 Non-Members
Additional Paper Copy – $10 Members* / $12 Non-Members
Lamination – $5 each
*eMemberships are excluded

Notice: we are missing the following build sheets for 1982 – VIN numbers 109001 thru 117800, 118201 thru 118400, 119201 thru 119800.
[h=3]Window Sticker[/h]
Also called a Monroney Label, this is the sticker that is affixed to a new car when it is delivered to the consumer. A law was passed by Congress in 1958 requiring all automobile manufacturers to affix a price label to all new automobiles showing Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices for a vehicle and all options installed at the factory. This law was proposed by Senator John Monroney, and was to begin with new 1959 models.
If your car is a show car, this informational piece is a must! Some car shows such as Bloomington Gold require you to have a list of options on the car. What better way than a reproduction of the window sticker? If you are ordering a reproduction window sticker, you must order the build sheet at the same time.
1981 – current Window Sticker/Build Sheet Combo – $75 Member* / $90 Non-Members
Additional Copy Window Sticker – $10 Members* / $12 Non-Members
Lamination – $5
*eMemberships are excluded
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