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News: NCRS Judging/Tech Manuals for C5's

Jul 26, 2005
08 VR Convertible 2014 TR Coupe
I learned yesterday during the NCRS Rocky Mountain Chapter zoom meeting that the entire run of C5s is eligible for judging in all categories. Previously, the only C5s eligible were 1997 thru 2002; as recently as October 2020 during a swap meet I was told that this was still the case. Checked the NCRS web site and found that the entire run is now eligible and the manuals are available for purchase. Ordered mine today. Will use the judging criteria to see if I should go for NCRS awards on the "new to me 2003 Z06" or just drive it and enjoy it as much as I did my 2002 Z06. Fortunately for me, I still have my 2008 and 2014 Corvettes for driving no matter what my decision is. Of course, all 3 of my vettes are in storage for the winter, but the C7 comes out next month!

NCRS is now in the initial stages of developing the C6 manuals. Time does fly by when you're driving a Vette, but drags when they are in storage.

Hey Barrett, long time no hear from you! How are things?

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