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I need help finding 3.73 gears for my 93 LT-1. I have an all stock driveline so I was also wondering if 3.73's will fit. Does anyone have header advice?
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center 93dream!

93dream said:
...was also wondering if 3.73's will fit.

:confused I don't understand the question, they fit in my '87. :cool

As for the header question, somebody will be along to help soon. ;)
It should have read, will 3.73's fit into the casing of a stock automatic LT-1. Oops! I think I was excited. It was my first post here.
This is from T.P.I.S.:
When replacing 3.73 and numerically lower ratio gear sets with a 3.92 or higher gear, the carrier must be changed.

Ring Gear Dia. 8-1/2" Pinion Shaft Dia. 1.375"
10 Ring Gear Bolts Pinion Splines 26
3/8" x 24 RH Thds 10 Bolt Cover

Gear Ratio to Option Number Correlation

This information is on your vehicle build sheet - typically located in the glove box or storage compartment. See next page for more information.

Dana 36 axles Dana 44 axles
Ratio RPO Ratio RPO
2.59 GM1 3.07 G87
2.73 GU2 3.33 GT7
3.07 G44 3.45 GM3
3.31 GW4 3.54 GH0

Hope it helps you, you have a Dana 36 it appears.

Do you think I should go through Mid-America and get the whole casing/gear setup for around $1400 or have you seen cheaper?
MAD is where I got my set-up Brian, but they use Charlie Smith of Charlie's Performance in Urbana, IL for their remanufactured units. You might want to call him directly at 278.2173 or 278.2175 (I don't know the area code) and maybe you'll strike a better deal. ;)

Be sure to tell him I sent ya! :upthumbs

i'm going through this now. 3.54 or 3.75. I did find a gear set for the Dana 36 that will fit, made by Richmond. Here is what I have so far:

Vendor: Richmond Gears

Buy at: Summit
Price: $318.95 B/O
Part# RMG-4901101

This Richmond gear set fits the Dana 36 late model Corvette rear-end. It has a ratio of 3.75:1 and fits 2.73:1 and numerically lower carrier.

Buy at: Jegs
84-94 Corvette w/2.87-Lower Carrier
Part: 836-49-0110-1 Ratio: 3.75 Teeth: 45-12 $ 318.99
Part: 836-49-0143-1 Ratio: 3.54 Teeth: 46-13 $ 318.99

Thanks for the help I will give Charlie a call. I appreciate the help from both of ya'!

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