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Need help with a part fit/interchangablity


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Jul 20, 2005
Scituate, MA
2000 Navy targa

I have a base 2000 coupe with a sick catalytic converter, that needs to be replaced. My car is high miles, so the cost of a new one makes no sense. A kind member responded to my WTB with a 2001 set. They only have 20,000 miles- and the pics look good!

Only problem, the on line parts houses say that 2001 coupes had a different part# than the 2000 coupe. Here's where it gets weird. Both 2000 cars the coupe and the conv. used the same part # 88895875. The 2001 conv. uses the same on one site. On another site, both 2001 cars conv. & coupe use the same part, 88895882, so their looks to be a tie-in, or common fitment.

The part is in the same state, but it's a hike away, and I'd honestly like to know if it's going to work prior to the 130 mile round trip and 4.5 hours behind the wheel.


I show your 2000 P/N is the Non California Cat. I show that in 2001 the California and Non California Cat are the same P/N but my book shows it to be 10426194.

There should be no issue with using the 2001 Cat. There are no dimensional changes in the piping size I am aware of. My parts book says they are the same size.
Thanks for the good news......

You made my day because I won't have the time to hang the pipes until Friday, and until then I would have really been hangin'. You are in the land of Flow Chevrolet-aka GM Parts Direct, a personal favorite! Thanks for your valuable information.

Best always,


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