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need little help with speed shop/mods



Anyone have any dealings with a father and son team in The Alexandria Kentucky area (Campbell County) I think their last name is Thayers or something like that.

I don't think they operate under anything other than their name...

They do custom mods and such to Corvette's and Camaro's and possibly follow Lingenfelter guidlines or use the same parts or something like that.

I am about to buy a modded Camaro they did, and to make a long story short, they did the car around 10 years ago and don't have accurate details of what they did anymore...blah blah blah...anyway seems on the up and up, as I said I am only giving part of the story.

I just wanted to see if anyone knows them or of them or anyone that has had any work done there.

Any help would be appreciated, quicker the better I have to make a decision in next couple days


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