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new 2002 conv.



I purchased my new corvette end of October 2001, It has been 30 years since I sold my 67 427 coupe. This is the 4th corvette I owned, and I must say what a car! It is everything I thought it would be and more. It is in the garage for the winter, and I know spring will be here in approx. 4 months after all whats 4 months when I waited 30 years!.

Mine is parked as well waiting for the sweepers and a good rain before it touches pavement again. Darn thing looks great even in the garage.

Well, I hope both of you guys get to drive you Vettes real soon. They are better looking from behind the wheel than looking at it from the outside. Happy New Year.
Welcome toy1 and congrats on the new ride! Those 4 months will be gone before you know it. Until then, just park yourself here and soak in the CAC.
Congratulations! A shame you must park it for a few months, but think of all the mods you can do while it is parked! Enjoy!
M&S tires

I think I may need some of those M&S tires c4c5specialist, how noisy are they?
Hi Dad,
Not bad, but the traction in the wet is so much worth the extra road noise, that Icannot say that the road noise is enough of a down side to not purchase them.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Congratulations on your new toy, Toy and Welcome to the forum. :) You had a very long wait, but I know it was well worth it
and the fun is just beginning for you. Good choice in colors. :)

hey dad -
in reply to your pix 'Oh me, Oh my!'

Hey Farout,

Welcome to CAC, and the snow in that picture came from Asheville/Knoxville/Toledo, I40/I75 in 1999, Christmas day.

DAD!! How could you??? :nono :cry
How could I? Just push down on the go pedal real easy and away we go. Actually it was one hel'va ride, nerve racking and no choice but to keep going all the motels filled up fast. The up side is, the vette handled great.

The downside is what the salt is doing to that beautiful machine.... :eek

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