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New Bilsteins installed.........



Finally got them put into my '02 C5 coupe today to replace the base suspension GM shocks (looked like twigs compared to the Bilsteins). I didn't have a chance to take her to far afterwards, mainly due to increasing pain from a less than successful neck operation 15 weeks ago to relieve a pinched nerve. However, my initial impression is that it was money well spent. While her ride is a bit harsher she isn't a concrete truck and the wheels now seem to stay well planted in high speed curves. Went through a big, smooth S at 109, last time the right rear definately wasn't behaving too well thru that S at 111; no problem this time. Steering response seems better as the body motion is much more controlled now.

Certainly not up to the ride and handling that GM's F55 Magnetic Shocks provide, but a very welcome improvement in handling from her standard base suspension, and a lot less expensive than buying another C5 or C6 with the F55 option. Of course if and when I do decide to part with my graceful Electron Blue coupe the next Vette will have to be F55 equipped! DFO :) .


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Nov 12, 2006
2004 CE Coupe
Congrats, that is a great mod.


Dr C5 Corvette

Hi, did you install the sports shocks or the standard bilstiens? I have the z51 suspension on my 2000 frc and want to change out the stock shocks, they recommend the Sport shock from bilstien thanks............ Dr C5 Corvette


I put the "standard" Bilsteins on my base suspension C5. They have definately made a very noticeable improvement without too much extra ride harshness. On your car the other ones would probably "match" the car better; that would be my guess.

I got her out last Friday on lotsa bumpy backroads with as many curves as I could find and she handled those curves far better than b4. I'm still not up to the speeds I've taken several of those twisty sets at in a couple of my Miatas or several of my bikes but its not the cars fault: I am gingerly "learning" how to drive her. Way to much power and wt. in the C5 to go off half cocked and find out...ooopzzz....oooohhh sheeeee-it! However, with the Bilsteins that big Vette definately responds to S cirves much better than with the stock GM "toothpicks"....oh for a set of F55s!! If I ever get another Corvette it will have the F55 shocks...they transform the car for both ride and handling.
I test drove a '05 C6 droptop with them when I had my '87 C4....made my C4 feel like a 29 Ford! Of course my C5, stock, is a major dynamic vault up from the C4s. DFO :)

Dr C5 Corvette

Thanks for the Great input, I will go with the bilstiens "s" and the poly sway bar bushings :)...............Dr C5 Corvette

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