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New Brakes


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Nov 2, 2000
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Well, it's time to figure out what the winter project will be for Eye Candy. At first I was going to take the Borla exhaust off and replace it with a Corsa or B&B unit. The Borla's are too quite for my taste.

But instead I have opted to put bigger and better brakes on her instead. I'm still having problems where the car will shudder when I apply the brakes at high speeds (90+). With that and the fact I plan on getting some track time at PIR next summer, what more reason do I need to do some brake work?:)

Now I know the GS's came equiped with what was probably the best brakes ever put on a C4, but I'm looking to upgrade. Anyone have any sugestions? I hear the Vette Brakes and Products guys make good stuff. What about Guildstrand? Or the 'Vette Doctors?

Any ideas would be greatly aprecated.

What is your budget??? If I had the cash, I would love to see a set of Brembos on my baby.

Have you thought about the biasing spring from Doug Rippie? I've heard nothing but rave reviews and it only cost $15 or so. It's supposed to distribute the braking forces a little more equally, which means your back brakes will supply more stopping power then stock.

I have picked up a complete GS front brake package this past summer for my '93. It will eventually go in this winter and I'll be picking up the biasing spring for mine.

Oh, the spring goes into the master cylinder.
Warning, do not buy a brake package that requires a proportioning valve! These valves are added as a work-around for a poorly designed brake system that was never set up to work with your car's stock master cylinder. Either the tuner or brake company should replace your stock master cylinder in the kit, or you should go to dual master cylinders with a balance tube.

If 90% of race car drivers don't know how to use these devices, how are you supposed to? Keep inmind that if you are involved in an accident, and the insurance company finds that you have this device on your car, it could be grounds to void your insurance completely. In that case, you are going to be completely liable. Is it worth losing your house over?

This is something that Viper guys are learning the hard way. Just because the rotors and calipers are bigger, does not mean that your car will stop any better. In many cases, I have seen cars stop worse than before (but those cross drilled rotors sure looked nice... as the car ran into that wall).

If you cannot find a brake company that has a solution that was designed for your car, I would recommend that you contact Matt or Bob at Stop Tech (in Torrance, CA). This company is made up of brake and suspension engineers. They might be able to help you out with a solution, or steer you in the right direction. Their web site is here .

Do your homework very carefully and do not scrimp on safety.

Good luck and happy holidays.


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